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Origami Crane Business Card

Are you tired of the same old standard business card?

Every business card is the same size. There really is not anything special about most business cards. Do you want to leave a lasting impression on your business clients and prospects?

Take a look at one of the most impressive unique business cards around. It is an origami crane business card.  It does not belong in a rolodex. It is an unique piece of business art that should be displayed on your customers desk. This card is so unique that even if you don't get the sale or land the prospect, they will not thow it away.

It is very effective at getting you noticed and being recognized. And, in the business world, you need to be remembered.

Order today.  Set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. The crane business card is worth the investment.

Order Details: Please e-mail us your logo along with the information on your business card. 

We will do the rest!


  • $6.50 per crane (does not include shipping)
  • Minimum Order 50 Cranes
  • Please allow at least 3 weeks for the minimum order
  • $30 One-Time Set-up Fee (included in price when ordering)
  • Customized Crane Business Card with directions in a protective plastic sleeve
  • E-mail us your logo and other information.


Number of Cranes
  A few of our customers: NASA: JSC, CRL Benefits Group LLC